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Featured on this page are selected tracks from original music composed between 1998 and present.

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More Important Things
History: Composed/Arranged and Recorded 1/2005 to 12/2005
Summary: This mini-album contains the best of original piano compositions and arrangements created during 2005. The tone is decidedly somber, with the title track waging war against the forces of excessive consumption and conformity. Because of a better system for recording and editing tracks than was available for Rumble, there are fewer rough spots on these tracks. For comments on each track, visit the webpage given below.

1. Prelude (1:37)
2. More Important Things (4:37)
3. Scar (3:30)
4. Music for a Goddess (2:56)
5. Blue Indeed (7:35)
6. Summertime (3:56)

More Important Things Webpage: Visit

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Sea Fable
History: Composed 6/1998, Recorded 3/1999
Performance: The California State Long Beach Symphony Orchestra
Summary: “If only I was a fish, I wouldn't have to worry about girls. I wouldn't have to worry about anything! I could just swim around all day in the aquarium of some doctor's waiting room going, ‘Blub blub blub’. Kids would come by and point at me, saying, ‘Wow, what a cool pectoral fin!’” Inspired by the true story of a friend who thought he was a fish, Sea Fable reflects the struggles of reality interrupted by the serenity of life underwater. Sea Fable was the national winning entry in the 1998 Music Teachers National Association Composition Competition and the national winning entry for composition in the 1999 Young Inventors and Creators Competition.

Sea Fable (3:01)

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Things Red
History: Composed 6/1998, Recorded 7/1998
Performance: The Things Red String Quintet
Summary: Things Red is an exploration of the shades of red and the ideas and emotions they evoke. The piece ranges from traditional to experimental in its harmonic progressions and uses of dissonance. Listeners' favorites seem to be evenly distributed among the three movements. The third movement, “Inferno”, was a national winning entry in the 2000 National Association for Music Education Composition Competition.

I. Fox in the Snow (2:43)
II. Unseen Blush (2:22)
III. Inferno (2:27)

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History: Composed and Recorded 7/2003 to 12/2003
Summary: Rumble is a collection of piano music written and recorded over a six month period. Some tracks are impromptu pieces while others are planned compositions. Each track consists of a single continuous take. Below are selections from the album. For the complete album as well as comments on each track, visit the webpage given below.

4. Medley (5:29)
5. Nannerl (2:25)
9. Introspection (4:49)
11. Purples (1:00)
12. Riva's Rumble (6:11)

Rumble Webpage: Visit

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Ellen's Song
History: Composed and Recorded 7/2004
Summary: Never make a bet with Ellen. Because she will win. And when she does, you will have to write her a song.

Ellen's Song (4:09)

All compositions, recordings, photography, and artwork are copyright 2006 Dan Reed.
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